We help clients acquire quality properties in France, Italy, and Switzerland: luxurious private residences, holiday homes or high-return investments.


We offer technical and legal support to help your purchase proceed smoothly. With expert knowledge of international real estate law, we guide our clients through the varied legal regulations involved in acquiring new properties in these countries.

First we offer expert advice to ensure you are making a sound investment. Then, we provide a notary service and carefully prepare all the documents to secure your transaction. We ensure your documents are registered with the correct government agencies and local authorities to facilitate your purchase and protect your legal rights. In the event of a dispute, we can offer legal support.


With our strategic business partners (banks, lawyers, asset management companies and real estate specialists) we offer a complete range of investment advice and support.

Initially we provide strategic risk assessment, helping you evaluate the risk and return on potential purchases, to ensure you make wise and lucrative investments. We can even arrange your financing.

After the purchase, we can provide reliable asset management to help you make the most of your investment.

We guarantee strict confidentiality.


We are skilled at finding properties that are prime development prospects.

Our architectural and design experts can help you plan a successful residential or commercial project.

We ensure your plans comply with official regulations for new buildings or renovations.

We help you outline a precise budget and a meticulous project management plan, to ensure your development is on schedule — and on budget.


Our financial consulting service can help arrange your financing and monitor your return on investment.

We will guide you to the best finance providers and the optimum financial agreement for your needs. We can advise you on the tax implications of your investment and even assist in raising funds. Finally, we can provide a full profit and loss analysis, to help you monitor your investment goals.